Error: Disconnecting Gracefully.

Unity Streams uses SHOUTcast V1 servers. To fix this issue.

  1. Double Click your encoder
  2. Go to server details

  3. Above the server IP you will see A radio box with v1 make sure that is ticked

Unable to send data fast enough. Encoding paused until buffer clears.

  • Several causes none easy to remedy the situation. This happens if there is insufficient upload bandwidth. Also it happens if there is substantial packet loss where your streaming server is. Unfortunately not much you can about either situation.

Error Disconnected (11004)

  • Make sure there are no spaces in your encoder settings. That includes copy/paste. Sometimes you have a trailing space and don’t realize it. Double check your entries, I recommend re-typing everything in.

  • If you copy and paste server details into the encoder section it doesnt like that!! Manually entered them.

10054 – Disconnected

  • When resetting your stream this error will show up. Restart and wait about 1 or 2 minutes.

  • Try to shut down SAM and SHOUTcast server and restart. It works for me when I do this.

10061 – You can’t connect

  1. This is a connect error code, not all that unusual for Audiorealm and Spacialnet

  2. 10060 and 10061 are problems with the server being down, connection refused, bad password, bad IP, or bad gateway.

  3. Please verify:

    1) The DNAS is running

    2) The password you have is correct (verify by logging into the DNAS admin)

    3) The DNAS is not already sourced

    4) The encoder has no http:// or other protocol prefix

    5) Outgoing connections from SAM to the server are allowed.

10065 – Disconnected

  • Your cable or Internet is unplugged from your system.

11004 – Connection Failed (11004: 500 No Data (winsock error #11004))

  • Check your cables or that you have a connection to the internet

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