ShoutCast v1 Streams

We currently support Shoutcast V1 streams with instant setup. If you are looking for Shoutcast v2 please im Duck Seoung in world and he will be able to set you up with a stream.

Prices are as follows:

Daily Prices
40 Listeners 55L
60 Listeners 85L
80 Listeners 95L
100 Listeners 115L

Weekly Prices
40 Listeners 129L
60 Listeners 163L
80 Listeners 188L
100 Listeners 213L

Monthly Prices
40 Listeners 250L
60 Listeners 325L
80 Listeners 375L
100 Listeners 425L

*Prices are subject to change at anytime
*Stream Up to 320kbps
*Unmetered Bandwidth
*CentovaCast Web Based Control Panel
*Auto DJ Services Coming Soon
*Located In The USA

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